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Command Horizon is a 6mm micro-armour Sci -Fi tabletop wargame, where armies do battle for dominance or survival. The game focuses predominately on tank battles with support from various other units. A selection of races provide players with varying degrees of tactical gameplay where they will perform the role of Commander and lead their race from one battle to the next.

The Basics:

Command Horizon is a game and hobby that allows players to collect, construct and paint 6mm scaled miniatures. These miniatures range from an assortment of vehicles to infantry and even monstrous aliens...


                     (Putredine Heavy Tank: 'Inflictor')                                  (Alliance Heavy Tank: 'Tusk')

To play a game of Command Horizon will require players to own a copy of the rule book as well as an army made up of units belonging to one of the playable races. Then a player can pit their army against an opponent's army (or multi enemies!) and enjoy a thrilling and tactical battle, again and again. 

(A battle erupts between The Alliance (Humans) and the Asori (Four-legged reptiles) )

What are the mechanics of the game?

- Turn based.
Players take turns in controlling and activating their units. The player whose turn it is, is known as the Active Player, whilst the player who is waiting for their turn is known as the Reactive Player.

- Command Points.
The game revolves a core resource known as Command Points (CPs), depending on the units taken in a player's army, depends on how many CPs a player has to use during gameplay. CPs allows a player to perform actions with their units; movement, firing, activating special abilities, etc. Whilst ever a player has CPs then they have the opportunity to do things. CPs generate at the start of a player's turn and last until the end of the opponent's turn, where any unspent CPs is lost and CP is generated anew.

The most tactical aspect of the game is knowing when to spend CPs and when not to AND and how much CPs should be spent at each moment.

Players will spend majority of their CPs during their own turn, but there are options to spend CPs during the opponents turn, which may provide an advantage or a way to hinder the enemy force...

- Combat.
When it comes to rolling dice in the game, we have kept it simple.
We use six-sided dice (D6s), and when a player attacks with a unit they roll an amount of D6s - we call these Attack Dice (AD).
Most often than not, when a player rolls their AD they will be looking to roll results of 4 or higher. The higher the number the more likely they are to destroy an enemy model.

However, the enemy unit who is being attacked, will be allowed to roll an amount of D6s we call Defence Dice (DD), in an attempt to see if their armour protect them from harm.

After AD and DD have been rolled, the players compare the results. If any DD on an individual basis equal or beat the AD of values of 4 or higher, then they successfully negate the attack, as their armour protects them.

Therefore when it comes to Combat, you are really just trying to roll higher than your opponent.

Oh and we should probably mention... that when you attack an enemy unit, there's a real chance they could retaliate back, with what we call Reaction Fire (RF)...

(An attack has been made, players roll AD and DD)

- Victory Points (VPs).
The aim of each game of Command Horizon is to be the player who has earned the most VPs during the battle or to wipe out the enemy force entirely. Included in the rule book are 3 different Game Types that can be played to encourage brutal but strategic engagements, each one details how VPs are collected and/or rewarded.

- Game Features.
To enhance gameplay and provide a selection of options to the players, Command Horizon includes the use of a number of gaming aids. Most of which come in the form of Markers or Tokens.

Some markers help to indicate who is attacking who, and helps to keep track of what Combats need resolving before the end of the turn. Other markers keep track of how damaged a unit is and how close they are to being destroyed.

There are some special Grub tokens that reflect alien grubs (a speciality of the race known as Putredine) that have climbed on to your vehicle and are trying to eat it! Or it might be another token that refers to your unit being tagged by a laser, that's ready to guide a ballistic to your location...

 (A selection of gaming aids that help to enhance the game)

I'm interested! How do I begin?

A player's first port of call should be the Command Horizon Rule Book, within it's page it will detail everything a player needs to know about the game, from the rules and how to get started, to introducing the playable races and how to write an armylist.
There is also a chapter on the background of Command Horizon opening up the universe the game is set in.

After the rule book, focus should turn to the armies. Starter Packs for each of the Races are available, these allow players to quickly access the game and start playing at a basic level. The Starter Packs are designed to play against one another. Then from there, players can work on expanding their Starter Pack in to an army by acquiring model blister packs of other units available that are not included in the Starter Packs.

Once you own an army, well...that's it! You're a fully-fledge Commander ready to take your place within the Command Horizon Universe!


Welcome to an eclectic range of 28mm figures and a 6mm Sci-Fi range.


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