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Our products can be found on the Colonel Bills stand.

Colonel Bills

If you happen to be at one of the following shows as us, why not pop over and say hello.

2nd Dec  Recon, Pudsey
3rd Dec  Wargamer, Halesowen, Birmingham
27th Jan  Crusade, Cardiff
3rd/4th Feb  PAW, Plymouth
17th Feb  Beachhead, Bournemouth
25th Feb Cavalier, Tonbridge
3rd Mar Hammerhead, Newark
4th Mar  Overlord, Abingdon
18th Mar  WMMS, Wolverhampton
25th Mar  Cannon, Retford
31st Mar  Chillcon, Sheffield
14th Apr  Salute, London
10th June Broadside, Sittingbourne




Welcome to an eclectic range of 28mm figures and a 6mm Sci-Fi range.


Gorillas in the Mist and other news

We have released a set of Gorillas for you to fit into your adventure games. Some of you may have seen us at ROBIN, a wargame show in Nottingham. We...

Orignal Races available for Command Horizon

We have started to bring out the missing vehicles and figures fromthe original Command Horizon range. This will include some previously unreleased figures. Lookout for our year ahead preview to...

Arctic Explorers and Inuit Hunters have come in from the cold

Out now we have two more packs for our Age of Adventure range. First up we have the Arctic Explorers, these three chaps are suitable to represent an expedition in...