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Exploration is not for the faint-hearted and you do not know who or what you will disturb in the undergrowth...

(Previews of the new miniatures will be posted with the latest entry at the top)

20/10/17 : Greens of some of the new figures coming out soon

19/05/17: Feathered Velociraptors.

...and for our final preview, discovered in the hidden depths of a lost valley, we present to you the Feathered Velociraptors!

What's an adventure without uncovering some ancient history...even if it does have some very sharp claws...?

As more studies suggest that Velociraptors could well have had feathers than scales, we wanted to go down that route.

17/05/17: Seal & Pups.

Our penultimate preview this week is something a little more endearing...

Introducing a Seal and her Pups to the Age of Adventure. Perfect for decorating your tabletop coastal landscapes, just don't let your explorers get too close...they may well bite.

Check back with us on Friday for our final reveal. It is truly exotic and definitely from a land before time...

15/05/17: Bear.

No big surprise that our next preview is the Bear.

The last thing you want to disturb in the ancient forests is this one, especially when your trespassing while it's sleeping...

13/05/17: Vultures.

Soaring in to our latest preview are the Vultures!
One is roosting or potentially lurking over it carrion meal, the other is swooping, preparing to land and feast upon the unfortunate explorer who got himself tangle up with either the Tiger, the Wolf Pack or the Bear...That's right, we said Bear.

09/05/17: Wolf Pack.

The hunters becomes the hunted, with the Wolf Pack!

Can you really have an adventure in to new lands without Wolves howling to both frighten and warn you...Watching you...waiting for one of your party members to wander off, lost and alone...

06/05/17: Wild Boar.

Here comes the next preview... It's a Wild Boar!

What better way to liven up the wilderness than with a swine. The Wild boar is perfect for introducing new adventurers to the hostilities of ancient lands and thriving jungles.

01/05/17: Tiger.

Stalking through the jungle and into our first preview comes...the Tiger! Beautifully sculpted and posed, the Tiger will surely help bring your jungle games to life.

Check back soon for our next wild preview...


Welcome to an eclectic range of 28mm figures and a 6mm Sci-Fi range.


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