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Gunkers in the spotlight, urrghh

Gunkers in the spotlight, urrghh.
Controlling Putredine can be tricky, each unit has specific roles and when combined correctly together they make a formidable force.

The Gunkers can really hinder your foe. You need to get these up close as soon as you can, having the Scout move helps (scouts can move their first 10cm for free). These have the Miasma and Poisonous special rules.
So within 15cm of the enemy they force their opponent to re-roll all successful AD results, even if they are firing at a different unit.
With Poisonous all enemy units within 10cm can not move, react fire or be in overwatch until the effect is shook off.
Don't forget these are Living Creatures so they can ignore terrain classes and move over other units. Nothing stops there slithering approach.

Written by EMP Games — October 05, 2017

Command Horizon Spotlight Asori Honour Arks

The Honour Arks may look at first to be a minor unit for an Asori army. But look again at their special rule 'Rampage'.
Instead of your normal movement you pay the appropriate cp for movement and then ram into an enemy unit rolling 1 attack Dice for every vehicle in the rammed unit plus another 1 AD for every 10cm you have moved.
You then roll a D6 and so long as you don't get a 6 your movement carry on into the next enemy unit.

Hounour Arks race in to the of some Alliance Tusks while the Alliance Command unit preys they dont break through.
If you have lined up a few of his units this can be a real pain for your opponent. So he will be wanting to take these out early.
Which is fine as with 2 Defence dice and the show no weakness rule these can prove to be a tough unit.
While he's concentrating his fire on these, your big guns are moving in and pounding his units into dust the way only true Asorri know how.
Remember these have the Scout special rule as well so getting them into position is easier.

Next Spotlight on the Putedine.


Written by EMP Games — September 28, 2017

Animals run amok at EMP Games

Exploration is not for the faint-hearted and you do not know who or what you will disturb in the undergrowth...
New to the Age of Adventure range come a variety of wild and exotic animals to live and thrive on your tabletop jungles, ancient forests and forgotten lands.

7 types of animal figures are available to purchase either from our online store or at Partizan this weekend at the Colonel Bill's depot stall.
This is just the beginning for the Age of Adventure, more animals and a trip to the Arctic Circle are already in progress...

Written by EMP Games — May 17, 2017

Slaves to the Machine

Rumoured to have come from the future or an alternate dimension they drift and haunt, always watching and scanning. What happens when they find their target? One can only imagine...

The Cyber Skulls make for great sci-fi horror sentry "monsters", roaming objective markers or tokens worth collecting for the data they hold.

If your dungeons need an injection of something new and alternative the Cyber Skulls will make the ideal choice as they emerge from a portal and confound your adventurers.

Get your hands on them now.

Written by EMP Games — May 15, 2017

Carry on...to Salute 2017

New releases are coming out thick and fast as Salute 2017 draws ever closer (this weekend!). So with out further ado lets take a look...

Need some damsels in distress or maybe just some female explorers for your jungle adventures? Look no further. Lady Eve and her Maidservant have now arrived in the Age of Adventure and enjoy her safari...looking for monkeys, I believe.

What do you mean they look familar...? They have character for sure, and work perfectly alongside our Jungle Explorers.

Ok...they do look familar...I'm flabbergasted! My gast has never been so flabbered.

Written by EMP Games — April 20, 2017

EMP Games reporting to Colonel Bill, Sir Yes Sir!

EMP Games is pleased to announce that Colonel Bills will be our new trade show stockist starting from London's 'Salute 2017' Wargaming show.
Colonel Bill is a well known regular of the Wargaming show trade circuit, who stock a wide range of products (and are a friendly bunch!).

You will now be able to find all our 28mm range on the Colonel's stand and at selected shows, our Command Horizon 6mm sci-fi range. From time to time you will even be able to meet and chat to some of the EMP Team members, as they join and support Colonel Bill and his men at shows by running some partcipation games.

Never heard of Colonel Bills? You can find out more here

Thanks Colonel, we salute you!

Written by EMP Games — April 15, 2017

"Dr. Livingstone, I presume?"

"I feel thankful that I am here to welcome you."

The first miniatures to represent and adorn our new range, Age of Adventure, just had to be two national heroes and explorers!

Livingstone and Stanley were pioneers, despite one being a missionary and the other a Journalist, their works both together and apart saw to the mapping of a mysterious and dark continent - we now call Africa.

Now these explorers are in miniature form and can join in your tabletop adventures...along with their little helper.

Superbly sculptured by the talented Martin Baker, these 3 figures capture the character of these famous explorers (and helper) and are ideal for your games where unknown peril is waiting and where new lands must be discovered.

Livingstone, Stanley and their little helper are now available to pioneer a gaming board near you... Adventure awaits!

Written by EMP Games — April 04, 2017

Guardians of the future

Our Future 6 collection has launched with an array of giant robots. We call them Guardians. Powerful titans of war, whom stride across battlefields like gods. We are very excited to have the miniatures and rather lock them away in the dark until their debut in Command Horizon, we decided to unleash them.

This is where Future 6 comes in. Future 6 is a range of sci-fi micro miniatures. Where our Command Horizon range has a focus for all it's miniatures, the game itself, Future 6 is instead home to miniatures that are not part of the Command Horizon game (either presently or with no intentions to become part of it). This means the Future 6 range is a versatile source of micro models to suit all kinds of micro sci-fi battles and game systems.The Guardians are just a start.

Guardian: The Warden

5 variants of Guardians are currently available, each is a detailed resin model, highly poseable, and comes with a variety of different weapon options to choose from.

This link will take you to the Guardians so you may inspect the models and the variants www.empgames.co.uk/collections/future-6.

...one day we'll see them in setting we designed them for:

Written by EMP Games — March 22, 2017

Intel is let loose on the Website...

Hey everyone,
Over the coming few weeks/months expect to see a few changes occurring to our website. The Boss has agreed to let me meddle and spruce up the content and pages.
I'll try not to make too much of a mess, but hey...at least you've been warned!

Dave (Intel)

That's right, the EMP Games website will be undergoing a few changes - nothing too dramatic, just some smoothing out of details, adding more content and page options and generally improving our presence here on the Web.

Look out for our new features and products soon!

The EMP Team.

Written by EMP Games — November 14, 2016

Space Ogres new releases

We have released a range of Space Ogres, the first 12 figures in the Ogre Korps consist of Snipers, Machine Gunners and Hammer wielding Demolisher's.

Following these will be Space Ogres with Heavy weapons and Command.

The picture below is for size comparison with a figure from a popular sci-fi range by another manufacturer.

Written by EMP Games — September 07, 2016


Welcome to an eclectic range of 28mm figures and a 6mm Sci-Fi range.


Theta is Back

Guardian Theta is back in stock - This Resin model is a perfect stomping machine for your 6mm games or any Robot themed game.  

Coming soon to an Underworld near you

This Enslaver will be joining the ranks of the Underworld soon.

Enter Zone Alpha

Have you seen the latest set of rules from Osprey Games.Zone Alfa is set in a post-apocalyptic Eastern European setting. Players take on the role of bandits, mercenaries, and military...