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Most Alliance Commanders send these units in to harass the enemy, being an Air unit they can fly across the Battlefield ignoring terrain etc.
You may be thinking 'But they can only cause stuns' (Rough Aim Ability). For those of you that have played Command Horizon you will know how powerful Stuns can become if a unit attracts to many.

Hornets are all about movement, They of course have the Scout ability which means they can move their first 10cm for free. They also have the little seen ability of 'Intercept'. This allows them to move again after firing, potentially moving them out of range or into cover. 
To help with defence they have Evasive Manoeuvres though you lose your RF&OW you gain 2DD.
So you see this non-lethal unit can give quite a sting to any enemy Commanders plan.

Written by EMP Games — October 11, 2017

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