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If your looking to start any army for Command Horizon a good way is to get a starter army, these armies give you a reasonably balanced force.

The Alliance army can be recruited for the fee of £20, making a £2.50 saving. This gives you some core units including the Komodo to bombard your foe.

Asori don't just fight for anyone, you need to be a commander with honour to get these on your side, plus £25. You will save £3.50 on this set.

To infest a planet thoroughly the Putredine Starter army is your army of choice. Though tough to master you will have loads of fun with these slimy suckers. £40 gets you a dose of these. Saving £5.

Also for those of you that have read all the way down here, for a limited time only anybody that buys a starter army will be sent a copy of the Command Horizon rules for free. Limit one copy per customer and while current stocks last.

Written by EMP Games — October 26, 2017

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