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The Honour Arks may look at first to be a minor unit for an Asori army. But look again at their special rule 'Rampage'.
Instead of your normal movement you pay the appropriate cp for movement and then ram into an enemy unit rolling 1 attack Dice for every vehicle in the rammed unit plus another 1 AD for every 10cm you have moved.
You then roll a D6 and so long as you don't get a 6 your movement carry on into the next enemy unit.

Hounour Arks race in to the of some Alliance Tusks while the Alliance Command unit preys they dont break through.
If you have lined up a few of his units this can be a real pain for your opponent. So he will be wanting to take these out early.
Which is fine as with 2 Defence dice and the show no weakness rule these can prove to be a tough unit.
While he's concentrating his fire on these, your big guns are moving in and pounding his units into dust the way only true Asorri know how.
Remember these have the Scout special rule as well so getting them into position is easier.

Next Spotlight on the Putedine.


Written by EMP Games — September 28, 2017

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