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Gunkers in the spotlight, urrghh.
Controlling Putredine can be tricky, each unit has specific roles and when combined correctly together they make a formidable force.

The Gunkers can really hinder your foe. You need to get these up close as soon as you can, having the Scout move helps (scouts can move their first 10cm for free). These have the Miasma and Poisonous special rules.
So within 15cm of the enemy they force their opponent to re-roll all successful AD results, even if they are firing at a different unit.
With Poisonous all enemy units within 10cm can not move, react fire or be in overwatch until the effect is shook off.
Don't forget these are Living Creatures so they can ignore terrain classes and move over other units. Nothing stops there slithering approach.

Written by EMP Games — October 05, 2017

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