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New releases are coming out thick and fast as Salute 2017 draws ever closer (this weekend!). So with out further ado lets take a look...

Need some damsels in distress or maybe just some female explorers for your jungle adventures? Look no further. Lady Eve and her Maidservant have now arrived in the Age of Adventure and enjoy her safari...looking for monkeys, I believe.

What do you mean they look familar...? They have character for sure, and work perfectly alongside our Jungle Explorers.

Ok...they do look familar...I'm flabbergasted! My gast has never been so flabbered.

Written by EMP Games — April 20, 2017


Welcome to an eclectic range of 28mm figures and a 6mm Sci-Fi range.


Theta is Back

Guardian Theta is back in stock - This Resin model is a perfect stomping machine for your 6mm games or any Robot themed game.  

Coming soon to an Underworld near you

This Enslaver will be joining the ranks of the Underworld soon.

Enter Zone Alpha

Have you seen the latest set of rules from Osprey Games.Zone Alfa is set in a post-apocalyptic Eastern European setting. Players take on the role of bandits, mercenaries, and military...