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Have you ever played a tabletop war game before where you watched your opponent move his or her forces right past your own and you thought - surely my unit would see them and  shoot rather than just watch them move into position unchallenged?

This is exactly what Overwatch addresses.

Before the end of a turn a player can can choose to enter Phase 7: Overwatch.
Overwatch works exactly like Reaction Fire except you are not responding to ranged fire, rather you are responding to movement. It is a defensive measure to deter or weaken enemy forces that ventures in close proximity to your own units.

How it works:

When an enemy unit immediately enters firing range of a unit that has been placed in Overwatch, your unit fires upon it at -50% Attack Dice.

Your opponents units that get fired on in this way do not Reaction Fire, they are simply moving and navigating the terrain (beside which they'll be do their firing once they have finished moving and allocating targets...)

Putting units in to Overwatch:

When a player chooses to put a unit/units into Overwatch they spend 1CP per unit and you must inform your opponent how many CP you have spent to Overwatch units, 

The Choice of Overwatch:

Putting units into Overwatch comes at a price and not just in the form of CP. When a unit goes into Overwatch until your next turn it cannot Reaction Fire.

Commanders will need to weigh up their options and turn their gaze to the battlefield and try to predict the best methods for their units during their opponents turn. Do you put some units into Overwatch to prevent the enemy from getting closer to an objective? Do you keep your units ready to Reaction Fire and refrain from putting any into Overwatch?

React to enemy fire or react to enemy movement, that is ultimately your choice as you come to the end of your turn.

...and don't forget mastery of your CP is a big part of it.
Do you save your CP so you can Overwatch or increase your Reaction Fire?
Or do you spend all your CP in your turn content with watching your opponent move freely and unchallenged?

It's your call Commander.

Written by EMP Games — March 31, 2015

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