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We at EMP GAMES love our game aids and whilst they aren't essential for enjoyment, they do prove very useful.
If you have been following our progress with Command Horizon you will have undoubtedly seen many pictures and photographs of gameplay...and seen some very brightly coloured sticks.

These are our Target Allocation markers known as Tracers. The orange ones refer to the aggressor; the turn player who is choosing to fire at an enemy unit. The green ones refer to Reaction Fire; the opposing player who is going to return fire with the unit being targeted by the aggressor's unit.



Tracers help to keep track of what is attacking what and helps players recognise what combat needs resolving. It also allows the opponent to weigh up options (if any) to their Reaction Fire.
So when you as a player decide which enemy units you will have your tanks fire upon, you can confirm your intentions by laying a tracer down revealing what unit is fire at what target, and when you have laid all of your tracers down, this provides the opportunity for your opponent to place down any Reaction Fire tracers, so they can confirm the targets of their retaliation and you both then know and can see what needs to be resolved during this turn.

Reaction Fire:

Every time an enemy unit fires upon one of your units, you can Reaction Fire. It's free to do so, costing no CP, you just have to make sure your unit is within the firing range otherwise it can not fire back...obviously. There is however one drawback, you fire at 50% of your units Attack Dice (AD). This is to represent the fact you are not the aggressor you are simply attempting to defend yourself. If you have any CP spare at this point you may spend 1CP to increase this reduced number by 50% again, this means you will have more AD but not as many as you would have if you were firing as part of your turn.

Ex: I Reaction Fire with 4 Medium Tanks, if I were the aggressor I would be rolling a total of 8AD, but I'm Reaction Firing making my total 4AD. I spend 1CP to increase this by 50% making my new total 6AD to roll for my Reaction Fire.

When 1 of your units is being fired upon by multiple enemy units, you can not Reaction Fire against them all, instead you must choose which unit you will return fire upon. Wise Commanders will consider carefully whether to attempt to hinder or reduce a strong enemy unit or attempt to weaken or destroy an already diminished enemy unit, and once again you can confirm your intended target of your Reaction Fire by placing a tracer down making it clear to your opponent.

All firing in Command Horizon occurs at the exact same time (with the exception of artillery fire), so even if your opponent rolls all Kill Shots and you don't save against any, you still get a chance to roll your Reaction Fire and hopefully go down with a fight.

Medium Asori Tanks pick their target.

Written by EMP Games — March 23, 2015

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