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Now that you have been acquainted to a few units from the game, it's time to understand the impact they have in the heat of battle - in the form of Damage Allocation.

In Command Horizon when units attack each other (Firing, Reaction Fire, Close Combat) you aren't just rolling to try and get the highest number, you are rolling to acquire results. These results can change a way a game plays out (and I'm not just talking causing casualties...

Here are the Damage Allocation results:

1 = Miss!
2 = Miss!
3 = Miss!
4 = Stun
5 = Stun
6 = Kill Shot

Double 6 = Overkill

A result of 6 speaks for itself, you've caused a casualty that successful reduces the enemy unit, but what do Stuns do, and can they be advantageous? Why would you trade 2 Kill Shots for 1 Overkill? 

        Units fires and Reaction Fire                              Afterwards, we resolve Kill Shots and apply any Stun Markers

Stun Markers:

Stuns can have disastrous effects especially when the pressure is on, when every shot fired counts and every Command Point must be spent wisely. For every Stun result a unit gains we place a Stun Marker next to the affected unit. Stun Markers represent damage to the unit, 1 or 2 markers might reflect superficial damage but they can soon accumulate, resulting in heavy damage to the point the unit becomes ineffective or even useless.

For every Stun Marker on a unit, you reduce it's total Attack Dice by 1 (to a minimum of 1), further more that unit can not participate in 'Concentrate Command' (a way of increase CP, more on that another time!).  Should the damaged unit receive double the amount of Stun Markers than there are models in the unit your opponent is forced to remove a model as a casualty! The unit becomes so damaged it can not sustain itself and something finally gives (A damaged fuel line finally ignites, suffers too much blood loss etc).

              When Stun Markers double the number of models in the unit you must remove 1 model as a casualty

There is, however, a way to control the damage but it comes at a price: 1CP.
A player who has damaged units can after Phase 1: Generating CP, spend 1CP to remove 1 Stun Marker from a damaged unit and they can remove all and any amount of Stun Markers as long as they have the CP to do so.  Bear in mind though, that the more CP you spend on removing Stun Markers the less you have available to spend on destroying your opponent or claiming the objectives.  A tricky balance to be sure.


An Overkill requires two 6's to be rolled for Damage Allocation and results in a Kill Shot and an automatic Stun. Yes Automatic! This means that even if your opponent rolls their Defence Dice and score two 6's, whilst that cancels out the Kill Shot aspect, it can not cancel out the Stun. An Overkill at just the right time can cause a domino effect, hindering your opponent's unit and strategy or adding that key casualty and Stun Marker so that it causes a second casualty due to Stun Markers accumulated over the model count.

   An OverKill result has been successful           The enemy unit now removes 1 model and applies 1 Stun Marker

Some units cannot perform special abilities whilst they have a Stun Marker, so an Overkill on a Putredine Burrower for instance is perfect for preventing the big sluggers from digging out of sight.

Damage control is key on the battlefields in the Command Horizon Universe. 

Written by EMP Games — March 16, 2015

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