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Now that you have been introduced to Tanks and Infantry, it's time to take a closer look at Specialised Vehicles.
This tank type provides a Commander with a variety of capabilities, as well as expanding on the themes of their chosen force. 
These units may provide you an advantage on the battlefield but the skill is knowing when and how to employ them.

Lets take a look at some Specialised Vehicles:

1) -  Chiron Command Tank and Shield Generator:

A Chiron is an Asori Heavy Command Tank that provides 3CP at the start of each turn. It's defining feature is it's cannon, capable of firing up to 50cm with direct line of sight. It has 4AD and 2DD, which makes this one tough tank to destroy. However, it is further protected by a Medium Shield Generator, another Specialised Vehicle that will soon be made available to other Asori units. A Shield Generator creates a protective barrier around the friendly unit it is attached to and this barrier has a Shield Value that must be reduced to zero before the unit itself can be harmed. All this makes a Chiron one tough nut to crack.

2) Mobile Artillery:

The Alliance have access to Medium Mobile Artillery units. Long-barrelled tanks adept at providing consistent damage to enemy units while remaining out of reach of retaliation. Having 2AD and 1DD they perform as solidly as Medium Tanks but with a greater firing range of 50cm! This range however comes at a price, Mobile Artillery units can only cause Stun results...unless you invest in some team work.
Friendly units can spot targets for Mobile Artillery, and specific units can laser tag targets in order to make the artillery fire more accurate and thus more deadly; causing certain dice rolls to result in Kill Shots.

Therefore when fielding Mobile Artillery you may want to consider other units that will support them and amp up the advantages this unit brings to the battlefield.

3) Sluggers:

These are the most loathed Putredine creatures. Sluggers are living Heavy Tanks that do not fire or attack, So not very dangerous right? Wrong. Sluggers generate a miasma that affect enemy units anywhere within a 15cm radius of them. This miasma forces your opponent to reroll successful AD whenever the affected units fire or attack in Close Combat. This ability alone can turn the tides of battles.
Putredine Commanders should ideally have these creatures squirm along side other units to provide them with additional protection and survivability, alternatively they could prove the ultimate irritant to your opponent's key attacking unit.
All in all, they are the bane to all who would oppose the Putredine.

Written by EMP Games — March 09, 2015

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