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While tanks are extremely useful in battle, they can't win every type of engagement; this is where infantry come in.


                                                                              Putredine Infantry
Infantry units in Command Horizon play a vital support role and, combined with other units in the game, make your force one to be reckoned with. Whether it is securing objectives, marking targets, charging light tanks (if you're Asori warriors) or even eating tanks (if you happen to be Putredine!), infantry perform well and create a range of tactical plays.

Infantry unit sizes vary depending on race as multiple models can make up a single infantry base, and a dozen infantry bases could make up a single infantry unit. They can be deployed in squads, roaming the battlefield in small numbers for ways to claim victory or they can be deployed in platoons marching towards the enemy ready to destroy whatever they meet.

                              Asori Platoon                                          Alliance Platoons (with Heavy Weapon Teams)  

The Alliance soldiers mobilise 4 models to a base, and 6  bases makes up 1 infantry platoon. Compare this to the Asori warriors who go to war with 2 models to a base but only require 4 bases to make up 1 infantry platoon. You might consider this to be unequal, as 1 Alliance platoon outnumbers 1 Asori platoon, but to think that...then you've never seen  Asori warriors in Close Combat...

Yes, all infantry units are capable of Close Combat, going toe-to-toe with their enemies, but be careful of who you pick a fight with and when. The Alliance soldiers who have numbers? The Asori warriors who look like they are about to charge? Or perhaps the Putredine drones who look...squishy? (And lets not forget The Remnant...but alas we must keep some secrets!)

So what about their stats? Generally speaking infantry units fire just like Light Tanks but with less range and gain no bonus for their defence...unless they are in or behind terrain.


 Craters                                            Buildings                                      Large rocks

Terrain is split in to 3 categories:

Class I - sand, grass, kerbs, shallow waters, fields, shallow craters etc
Class II - Large boulders, Trees, rivers, fixed barricades, deep craters, thick swamps etc
Class III - Buildings, cliffs, mountainous ground etc

Some units can interact with more than one class, and others cannot. Often there could be a penalty for entering and exiting some terrain, in the form of CP cost or time cost (taking a turn to move).

Terrain allows for benefits such as cover, resulting in an extra Defence Dice or blocking line of sight. Victories are made and lost by understanding or failing to see the value of the landscape around you. Commanders should always assess their surroundings and take them into account when planning their strategies.

Next week: Specialised Vehicles.


Written by EMP Games — March 02, 2015

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