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As we have mentioned before tank battles feature heavily in this game.
Each race has access to a variety of tanks and it is going to be up to you, the Commander, to decide which tanks you choose for deployment.

There are four different types of tank in Command Horizon, and each one has it's own strengths and weaknesses that will help shape your force as well as your tactics.

Here is a breakdown of the four different types and what you can expect from them:


Type I - Light Tanks:

Light Tanks are your scout vehicles capable of moving that little bit faster and entering Class 1 & Class 2 terrain (We'll talk terrain next week). Light Tanks have a small amount of fire power and are lightly armoured, so they are ideal for a quick engagement or picking off the remains of a unit but not suited to prolonged engagements, especially when outnumbered.

What they are perfect for is objective grabbing; zooming ahead of your main force they can get to objectives to hold them until they are reinforced or, if it is a relevant scenario, secure an objective so you reap the benefit early in the game.

One thing we've learnt for sure is never to underestimate Light Tanks... they can often surprise you.

Type II - Medium Tanks:

Medium Tanks are the mainstay of your force. Consistent in fire power with a moderate defence they are great units to spearhead an attack, or support your heavier units. You will usually be fielding multiple units, and the presence of numerous Medium Tanks advancing towards your enemy is enough of a threat that you may already be winning a victory of morale.  

When a Commander orchestrates a unified attack, Medium Tanks are usually at it's core and they are reliable enough to go out and hunt all by themselves.

Type III - Heavy Tanks:

The big guns.  Well protected and well armed, Heavy Tanks are how you seriously damage your enemy. The right attack at just the right time can knock the wind from your enemies strategy leaving their ranks in disarray. You could find the key to victory by knowing just when and where to apply the pressure with your Heavy Tanks.

However, be warned Heavy Tanks are usually a priority target and will almost always be outnumbered, so make sure you wield them well and wisely.

Type IV - Specialised Vehicles:

These come in the form of Light, Medium and Heavy, sharing key principles and characteristics to those mentioned above, but providing different capabilities above and beyond those of their class.

For example:
Artillery units capable of firing great distances without line of sight to bombard enemy units, are Specialised Tanks.
The Alliance have access to Medium Artillery Tanks that share the same number of Attack Dice and Defence Dice as Medium Tanks, but they have a far greater range and the ability to coordinate with other friendly units for increased effect.

Join us next week when we look at Infantry units and Terrain.

Written by EMP Games — February 23, 2015

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