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Command Horizon has four races planned. Three are already up and running and the fourth is due later in the year.
It is through their eyes that we explore the game's universe, with players choosing their allegiance and commanding their forces on the battlefield.

Here is a brief introduction to our starter races:



A human empire blazing across the stars, The Alliance is the only hope of humanity's ongoing survival. If it was to fracture then those who want to see mankind burn would, without resistance, wipe them from the face of universe.

The Alliance are a good all-rounder force. Reflecting their ideals, they are at their best when units work together.
They are master tacticians learning from their devastated history which lays the foundation for their racial bonus: +1CP.


Four-legged reptilian creatures who travel the stars in great tribes. A race of proud warriors and hunters whose home-world was brought low and ripped from their clutches. Above all they seek honour and being at one with 'The Four'.

 The Asori are an elite force. Commanders need to co-ordinate their attacks and know when and where to strike to crush their foes. Their armour and carapace are extremely hardy, for that reason their racial bonus allows them to ignore the lowest stun result rolled against them in each attack.


Worms. Wriggling, squirming and extremely intelligent worms. No one can out-match them in their knowledge and practice of the Bio-Sciences. They are cunning and never to be underestimated. With their clews being held hostage they appear to be doing what they're told...for now.

Putredine are a horde force. They resolve conflicts with masses of worms to eat and absorb their enemies. War is a concept lost on them therefore Commanders should not make the mistake to try to replicate their enemies behaviour. Putredine need to be cunning and outsmart their prey, springing traps made of worms.
To assist in this their racial bonus allows their bio-tanks to spawn worms upon their deaths.

THE REMNANT: (coming soon)
The Remnant are horribly disfigured and mutated, their bodies infused with poisons. All evidence suggests that this should have killed them, and yet it does not.  They appear driven and fixated, attracted to war zones and toxic environments. Where they find debris they scavenge and some even blend with the mechanical objects they find.
They are a mystery that echoes humanity lost to something far more ancient.

And that's about as much as we are going to share about them for now. 

Next week: we'll have a look at some typical units you can expect to see in the game.

Written by EMP Games — February 16, 2015

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