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Perhaps this is the first time you have heard about this game, or maybe you have been following development for a while but want to know what this game is and how it works?  If so, this post is for you.

Command Horizon is a 6mm Sci-Fi wargame where players take command of a chosen force and pit them against their opponent's force. The game pre-dominantly features tank battles but there are other units in the game such as infantry, and soon to be added skimmers, which add new strategies to your games.

Let's take a look at the 3 core aspects of the game:

Command Points:

The game's main mechanic is the use of Command Points (CP). CP are at the heart of the game, they allow your units to move, shoot and sometimes activate special abilities. Without them you are unable to control your units, and yes they are a limited resource.
Therefore in order to find victory and become a talented commander you need to master the art of knowing how best to spend CP; how many to spend and when to hold some back in any given situation.

Adding further depth to this mastery of CP use, your opponent may force you to consider spending your CP to help a unit survive.  Remember though, whenever you are spending CP this way, you are spending less advancing and firing at your enemy. Perhaps that's just what they want you to do.

Game phases:

A single player's turn in Command Horizon is broken down into 7 phases.

Phase 1: Generate CP
This is where a player counts up how many CP he/she has to spend this turn depending on the units they have deployed. CP are generated anew at the beginning of every turn, meaning any unspent CP do not carry over into your next turn. They are considered lost if not spent before the end of your opponent's turn. There is a way to increase the amount of CP you have for a turn but we don't want to spoil all the surprises just yet!

Phase 2: Stun Removal
During the game your units can suffer damage, and this damage is noted by 'Stun Markers'. Stun Markers can accumulate and decrease a unit's effectiveness. A unit suffering a lot of damage can often face fatal consequences.
However in this part of your turn, a player can choose to spent any number of CP to remove an equal amount of Stun Markers from amongst their units.

Phase 3: Move and Target Allocation
At this point we can now spend CP to move our units, but bear in mind the further a unit moves the more CP it costs to do so.
The second part to this phase allows a player to indicate and announce which of their units is firing at what enemy units.

Phase 4: Artillery Fire and Damage Allocation
Artillery is often used to soften up targets for other friendly units and in Command Horizon this is no different. Artillery units have their own phase in which to attack and resolve their combat.

Phase 5: Combat
Both 'Ranged Combat' and 'Close Combat' are triggered now. The turn player fires/attacks the targeted enemy units and the opposing player if possible will 'Reaction Fire' back and most importantly both players will see if their units survive the attack or not.

Phase 6: Damage Allocation
We resolve the results of the damage to both sides either removing casualties or applying Stun Markers.

Phase 7: Overwatch
The player whose turn is currently is can now decide before he/she ends their turn whether or not to set any units on Overwatch by spending CP. However, by doing so the selected unit can not perform Reaction Fire during the enemy's combat phase.
Decisions, decisions...


Whether it be Ranged Combat or Close Combat how we resolve combat in Command Horizon is by rolling dice.
Each unit in the game has an 'Attack Dice' (AD) value and a 'Defence Dice' (DD) value. This is a number that tells you how many dice that unit rolls either when it attacks or when it is defending itself from an enemy attack. 

How do we resolve combat?
Medium tanks have a value of 2 AD and 1 DD per tank in the unit.
If I were to fire with a unit made up of four medium tanks I would be rolling a total of 8 AD.
In Command Horizon rolls of 1-3 are considered Misses and nothing happens, rolls of 4-5 are Stuns and rolls of a 6 are Kill Shots.
To defend against any successful AD results, the defending player picks up the same amount of dice that succeeded against his unit and applies the number of DD that unit has.

John fires a unit of four medium tanks against Erik's unit of four medium tanks.
John rolls his AD and gets three 6's, one 5, one 4, two 3 and two 1's.
The result is: 3x Kill Shots, 2x Stuns and 4x Misses.

Now Erik rolls for his defence. He first looks at the amount of successful AD John rolled, which was five. Then Erik adds his medium tank unit's DD value, which is 1. He then rolls a total of six dice and hopes to either equal or beat Johns AD results.

Working out the results
Working out combat results is nice and simple, Your DD need to match or beat your opponent's successful AD on a one to one basis.

Erik's DD rolls resulted in two 6's, one 4, one 3 and one 1.
He now compares his DD with John's AD.

Two of Erik's 6's cancel out two of John's 6's and his 4 cancels out John's 4. The rest of the DD are ignored.
The result of this combat is: 1 destroyed tank and 1 stun marker to be applied to Erik's unit.

Had Erik rolled four 6's and one 5, he would have been able to cancel out all of Johns AD, as the 6's would beat John's 6's and his 5, and then Erik's 5 would have beat John's 4.
Resulting in no damage

Now that you have an idea of what's involved in the game - check back soon with us as we talk and explore further aspects of Command Horizon and importantly take a look at the races and their armies that are yours to command.

Written by EMP Games — February 09, 2015



I’m confused by the number of defense die. In your example shouldn’t the defender roll +4 DD since each tank has 1 DD?

February 20 2015

EMP Games:

The DD is per unit not per vehicle, we will make this clearer in the rules.
Thanks for pointing it out.

February 20 2015

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