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As many of you will know Command Horizon is a work in progress and players have been able to take part in participation games up and down the country at the many tradeshows we have attended.

These participation games featured a tank battle between The Alliance and Asori, and now that's all about to change!

It's taken longer than expected, but the infantry rules are finally here!

Infantry can operate in 'Platoons' or 'Squads', and these are your "Go N Grab" units when playing objective games.
Alliance infantry Platoons gain a bonus when altogether firing at the same target and whether as a Platoon or a Squad, they are the perfect units to mark targets for Artillery.
Asori infantry want to charging into Close Combat in order to use their 'Asori Rush' ability and this ability can even be used against Light Tanks! Also, lets not forget Asori infantry still gain the Asori racial trait!

Below is a link to the Command Horizon: Quickplay Rules now including infantry.

we have also added in this update:

- Alliance Command Unit special rule: 'Radar Jammer'
- Asori Shield Generator revised rule
- Deployment
- Marking targets
- Introduction to Objectives


Command Horizon


We have been hard at work on these and we would love to hear your input, thought etc on what have so far.

We will be running participation games at the Derby show so pop along and see the Infantry in action.


Written by EMP Games — August 17, 2014



From the quick glance I’ve had so far, the new rules look good. Looking forward to seeing the finished rulebook.

November 05 2014

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